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i would never leave this bed


I just imagine making that into a giant nest of warm blankets and watching rain fall down on the roof

Stargazing would be amazing in a room like this!!!! (if it was far from light pollution)
Image watching comets! meteor showers! Setting up a sizable telescope in you room and marvel at the rings of Saturn or Jupiter and its moons!!!!

[Image Description: Background is several triangles in a circle like a pie alternating from true red, scarlet and black. A robin is sitting on his perch looking to the right.Top Text: “SO YOU’RE SAYING”Bottom Text: “JUST ABOUT ANYBODY SHOULD BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR MONEY?”]
I started a new job at a bank a few weeks ago, which is a pretty big step up from working at [The RAP]. It’s still pretty similar to regular retail though-  you have lots of customers just not much ‘product’. I’m loving it so far but this lady rattled my cage a bit.
So an old lady lost her shit at me today because I asked if we could scan her ID to have it on file. Banking is kind of nice because you can just walk up to a teller, give your account number, and poof! your ID is on file and you can do your business. I figured she’d probably been asked before and said no, since we didn’t already have it and the system isn’t new, but thought I’d just ask. And wow did she turn on me. Apparently she’s been “coming here 20 years and never been asked for ID before!!!!!!” and “how dare I ask for such a thing!!!!”. When I introduced myself and told her I was new and didn’t know many of our regulars yet she said-quote- “I don’t care”.
Well fine then asshole, if you think any tom dick or jane who comes up to a new teller and spits out your account number should be able to access your money without any scrap of ID, your loss…

Going from product-retail and into banking was like MY WORST NIGHTMARE. WHY DONT YOU WANT YOUR INFORMATION PROTECTED?! WHYYYYY 



That moment when you realize that you’re the wrong one in an argument, but you continue to defend yourself in order to not look stupid.


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